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(You can send us your comments or suggestions by scrolling down to the form at the bottom of this page. We enjoy reading your appraisals. All communications are treated with the strictest confidence. Only where a pet owner has requested that we publish their comments have we done so.)

I would also like to thank Mr Brown for his suggestion that we develop this particular page. It has proved to be a great idea and the overwhelmingly positive comments we have received have been a great inspiration to us all.

Robin Hodgkinson BVSc MRCVS

"A massive thanks to all the staff and vets at the surgery for the fantastic care in bringing Obi back from the brink of death. You did a wonderful job. Hope your families have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2104." 22.12.13 Mr S Eccles

"After thirty years I am moving out of the area. I shall greatly miss Pike Moor Vets. They have been just great, seeing us through the trials and tribulations of raising several pets over the years. All the staff have been kind, helpful and professional. I can't praise them enough. I shall be very sad to say goodbye to Pike Moor." -  20.8.13. Mr Blower.

I had to have our much loved cat put to sleep today. I cannot thank the staff enough for their care and understanding. I will never forget what you have done for my Kitten and myself. 27.4.12 Mr Bateson.

Thank you very much to all the staff who looked after Jake throughout his life. He came to us with a heart murmur at 12 weeks, but was fine until around 6 when he started to take heart tablets. He lived a long and happy life despite his 'diabolical' heart condition. I can only say that it was his excellent care from his vets at Pike Moor and loving family that saw him live SO long with such a poor heart. I think staff were as surprised as I was that he lived so long and still wagged his tail right up till the very end. He died on his own bed after my husband spent the night beside him and we told him 'Jake you can go'. I have no doubt had he made it to the vets that morning they would have been as caring and compassionate about his ending as they had during his lovely life. 29.1.12 Ann-Marie Clare.

I have been using Pike Moor Vets for as long as I have lived in Bolton and have found them to be absolutely brilliant. All the vets talk to you in a way that you can understand what is wrong with your pet and they are genuinely caring to the extent that they ask you to ring in a couple of days to advise how your pet is going along. I have had two cats neutered at the surgery and have been overwhelmed by the care of all the staff there - even the receptionists are aware of who you are (put you at ease when you have to leave your pet overnight) and what the pet's name is - they are genuinely interested in the welfare of your pets. I cannot recommend this place highly enough and whether you are there for something simple like a booster jab, all the vets are happy to give the pet a thorough examination and talk you through any concerns you might have. Their service is second to none and and the prices are not anything like as high as larger practices. Thank you to all the vets at Pike Moor. I cannot recommend them highly enough. 16.1.12. Vanessa Johns.

"A big thank you to everyone at Pike Moor Vets, especially Robin who has been my dog's vet for 14 years. Robin and his team have been fantastic over the years and have shown the up-most care, especially recently after Taz had a fall. Both Robin and Vicky showed great care and empathy towards him and I am pleased to say he has made a full recovery and is back to his old self. Thank you  so much for all you have done." 14.10.10. Mr Lee.

"We would like to thank the practice and in particular Robin for the care he took with the operation with Indy our rabbit. The operation was successful, but a few months later she developed another problem and needed to be put to sleep. Robin again offered quality impartial advice, but the compassion that he and all the staff show is tremendous.
We would recommend Pike Moor Vets to all as they treat your pets with the same care and compassion that we give to them ourselves." 13.7.10 Mr T Brown

"We would like to say a big 'thank you' for the excellent work of the vets at Pike Moor Veterinary Practice at Horwich. On Friday 28th May 2010 they saved our dog Toby's life when he severed an artery in his front paw. If not for their prompt and skilful action he would have bled to death. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN TO ALL AT PIKE MOOR." Mr & Mrs Nichols 6.6.10.

"Thank you for the outstanding service provided for our Sam. We could not have wished for better care for him." P and E H.   7.5.10.

"Thanks to the staff for looking after my black lab after he ate a corn on the cob and it took bad in his guts. After a very worrying 48 hours he now looks a lot better and has a lovely line of stitches to show for his ordeal. Thank you for all you have done. I know all my dogs are in good hands when they are with you."
Mrs Seddon 28.10.09.

We have recently received several requests from clients kind enough to suggest that we have a page for 'testimonials'. In response to this we have developed this form so that those who wish to may write their comments either for publication or as a private message to the staff here at Pike Moor Vets. Thank you for your feedback. Please note that in order to get a more rapid reply, any questions or clinical queries should be put to us by telephone. Thank you.